We offer premium quality audio transfer and editing services at highly competitive prices. We can deliver maximum quality transfers, whether it is a direct conversion, or a complicated digital remastering job.

We use the latest professional broadcast digital and analog audio equipment to transfer your vinyl LP or single records, audio cassette tapes, DAT and mini disks to CD, MP3, wav or other digital formats.

Transferring audio cassette tapes to CD and other digital formats

The process of transferring audio cassette tapes to CD or other digital formats involves playing the tape in a high quality cassette deck which is connected to a high specification amplifier, feeding the output into the sound card of a PC. Once the audio content is captured, we can improve the quality of the recording by removing background noise and interference before converting to CD or MP3.

Transferring vinyl records to CD and other digital formats

We can transfer 33rpm or 45rpm speeds to CD or digital files. We first professionally clean the record before playing it on a superior quality turntable. The audio output is then run through a high specification amplifier and fed directly into a PC. Once the audio is captured, we have the opportunity to clean up the sound, removing any annoying clicks and pops and other noise associated with vinyl records before converting to CD or MP3.

Transferring other formats

Similar to above, we can also perform transfers from and to DAT, audio Minidisc and HI MD Minidisc, please ask for further info and prices.