Case study 1 – Vinyl to digital

With it recently reported that sales of vinyl are now selling more than sales of digital files, everyone is going crazy over LP’s – but what if you want to record your lip’s to digital files.

Well, let us take the worry out of that – it takes longer of course as it has to be done in real time but we can still tag everything with album art, etc.,


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Welcome to AudioA2Z

Welcome¬†to AudioA2Z, Premiur audio duplication and conversion services supplied by The North-East of Scotland’s leading Independent Audio Consultancy.

So you have all your music scattered everywhere, not really having the chance to listen to really what you what because you don’t have convenient access to it – let us help you. We will convert it all to a format that ¬†easily allows you to access it anywhere – at home, in the car or on the move !

Contact us now to discuss what we can do for you including our specialist home consultancy service, understanding what you want & what you need may save you a few hundred pounds !